*2013-2014 Student Handbook

Aguilar Re-6 Board of Education Policies Directly Related

 to Students and Student Conduct


This section of the website is under construction and documents in the list will be added weekly. For hard copies of these policies, please visit the District Office.


1    Nondiscrimination/Equal Opportunity (AC) (AC-R)

2    Nondiscrimination on Basis of Disability (ACE) (ACE-R) (ACE-E-1)

3        Tobacco Free Schools (ADC)

4    Equal Educational Opportunity (JB)

5    Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex (Compliance with Title IX) (JBA) (JBA-E)

6        Sexual Harassment (JBB)

7        Student Absences and Excuses (JH)

8        Truancy (JHB)

9        Student Conduct (JIC)

10    Student Dress Code

11    Student Conduct on School Buses (JICC)

12    Code of Conduct (JICDA)

13    Violent and Aggressive Behavior (JICDD)

14    Bullying Prevention and Education (JICDE)

15    School-Related Student Publications.

16    Student Distribution of Noncurricular Materials

17    Secret Societies/Gang Activity (JICE)

18    Drug and Alcohol Use by Students (JICH)

19    Weapons in Schools (JICI)

20    Students Use of Electronic Communication Devices (JICJ)

21    Student Interrogation, Searches and Arrests (JIH)

22    Student Organizations ( Limited Forum or Open Forum)

23    Student Discipline (JK) (JK-R)

24    Discipline of Students with Disabilities

25    Use of Physical Intervention

26    Disciplinary Removal from Classroom (JKBA)

27    Suspension/Expulsion of Students

28    Immunization of Students (JCLB)

29    Administering Medication to Students

30    Students with Food Allergies

31    Screening and Testing of Students (And Treatment of Mental Disorders) (JLDAC)

32    Notification of Rights under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)

33    Student Fees, Fines and Charges (JQ)

34    Student Records/Release of Information on Students (JRA/JRC) (JRA/JRC-E-1)

35    Notification to Parents and Students of Rights Concerning Students School Records

36    Sharing of Student Records/Information between School District and State Agencies (JRCA)

37    Student Use of the Internet and Electronic (JS) (JS-E) Communication (Annual Acceptable Use Agreement)

38    Health Education Exception Procedure (IHAM) (IHAM-R)

39    Family Life/Sex Education Exemption Procedure (IHAMB) (IHAMB-R)

40    HIV/AIDS Education exemption Procedure (IHAMC) (IHAMC-R)

41    School Closing and Cancellation

42    Student Transportation in Private Vehicles (EEAG) (EEAG-E)

43    Free/Reduced-Price Food Services (EFC)

44    School Year/School Calendar/Instruction Time (IC/ICA)

45    Postsecondary Options/Concurrent Enrollments (IHCDA) (IHCDA-R)

46    Instruction through Online Courses (if applicable) (IJNDAB)

47    Grading/Assessment Systems (IKA)

48    Report Cards/Progress Reports (IKAB)

49    Ensuring All Students Meet Standards (IKE)

50    Graduation Requirements

51    Compulsory Attendance Ages (JEA)

52    Intra-District Choice/Open Enrollment

53    Students Withdrawal from School/Dropouts (JFC)

54    Student Concerns, Complaints and Grievances (JII)

55    Extracurricular Activity Eligibility (JJJ)

56    Student Health Services and Records (JLC) (JLCE-E)

57    School First Aid and Emergency Medical Care Card

58    Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection (JLF)

59    Student Dismissal Precautions (JLIB)

60    Custodial and Noncustodial Parent Right and Responsibilities (KBBA)

61    Public Concerns/Complaints About Teaching Methods, Activities or Presentations (KEF)

62    Visitors to School





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